Friday, October 29, 2010

90's Hits

Rap/Rock/Pop. A playlist of over 900 awesome songs from the 90's by Helloexplorer.

Cover Songs

This is a playlist of an original accompanied by its cover.By Yelirekim

Friday, October 22, 2010

Rap Classics

A compilation of  great rap songs from the 80's to 2000's.


The National

The National: The Boxer, Alligator, and High Violet

Total Guitar's top guitar riffs of the decade

by kingshish.


by thetwentyone and courtesy of reddit.

A Country Playlist

by Joelmgreaves. A lot of Zac Brown Band and a few other artists that I've never heard of.

Indie Folk

Indie Folk by jocomo. The description is in the name.

Pop Rock

"Pop Rock" by Jacksonfdam. A compilation of popular rock songs from several decades.

"Easy Like Sunday Morning"

This a laidback, relaxed playlist by romi7. A lot of acoustic guitar and slower songs.

Reggae Music

This is a Reggae Mix by ele69. I don't normally listen to Reggae Music but this is a great playlist.

70's Music

This is a 70's playlist by user wendaaaay. There are a lot of great classics on this playlist.

Cover Paul Simon's face with your thumb for a mustache.

The Best of Queen

This playlist is by orama1337. It is about 20 songs by Queen for your rocking pleasure.

"Best of 2000" by wisla 14

I found this playlist by wisla14. It is a bunch of random music from the last decade. It includes everything from Damian Marley to Lily Allen. Check it out.

 I can't find a relevant picture so sit back and enjoy this guy.

Halloween Mix

Here is a Halloween playlist that I found. Believe it or not there are about 126 songs here with spooky themes.

Arcade Fire

Arcade Fire;  Funeral, The Suburbs, and Neon Bible

The Black Keys Playlist

This playlist was submitted by a new follower!


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